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Current Campus Status

Campus Status: Normal

The campus is currently open and operating on its regular schedule.


The Tennessee College encourages masking, which may help protect yourself and others from becoming sickly, as well as social distancing where applicable. Importantly, please take time to sanitize your area, which deters the spread of germs. Many sanitizing products are available in the front office.    

TCAT Hohenwald will not require students to have the COVID vaccine; the vaccine is voluntarily; however, please be aware some health related programs, such as Practical Nursing or Surgical Technology, may require the vaccination prior to any type of clinical experience at each of their clinical facilities. This requirement may be a facility and/or program specific dependent upon the clinical facilities utilized. Please consult the program director or instructor as appropriate.

 TCAT Hohenwald endorses:

  • Proper hand-washing – 20 second+; often and diligently; sanitizing as much as possible.
  • If feeling sick or experiencing illness, please stay home until feeling better. Please call your program instructor to report the illness as required by the academic retention policy.
  • Medical program students may have clinical facilities and affiliates that may have varying requirements regarding clinical rotations. Students are required follow clinical facility protocol as designated by each site.
  • The students’ sickness will count against the allowable absence hours and if the sickness continues beyond the allowable absence hours, the student may opt to request a Leave of Absence (extenuating circumstance).  Please maintain contact with program instructors and/or Student Services to further discuss any other leave options as needed and appropriate.  Student Services maintains the Leave of Absences Forms.    
  • Report any changes of your enrollment, circumstance and/or health immediately to instructors in order to proactively help maintain progress and attendance.
  • Please continue to take care of yourself and others by sanitizing.