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TCAT Hohenwald appreciates your willingness to work through the effects of COVID-19 Pandemic as it has affected our educational operations in the Spring 2020 Trimester.

For the week of March 30, 2020 through April 3, 2020, all TCAT Hohenwald Programs will continue in online platforms of D2L and MicroSoft Teams, as well as other specific program platforms.

Instructors will continue to work remotely and ensure all full-time students are able to access online program information. Altogether, the online transition has been successful. If any student is having difficulty accessing online content, contact your instructor immediately.

TCAT Hohenwald continues to adhere to CDC Precautions and TBR recommended guidance. Our facilities are closed to the general public and are only available to Essential Personnel as the COVID-19 Pandemic lingers. Faculty and Staff are working remotely, but are available by email and/or phone.

If students need assistance with financial aid or other student services, please either call the TCAT main line: (931)796-5351, with an extension or email the appropriate faculty or staff person with a standard: first.lastname@tcathohenwald.edu.

TCAT Hohenwald’s goal to assisting you in being successful in completing your program of study----whether online or in person, we are here to support you!