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The President

Dear Newly Enrolling Student,

We are pleased to welcome you to campus on behalf of the Tennessee Board of Regents and the Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Hohenwald! We are delighted you have chosen TCAT Hohenwald as your college.

Today is the beginning of a journey of a career of a life time, where you will set goals to learn the necessary technical skills and competencies in the career field you have chosen to become a highly skilled and trained technical professional. Within a trimester, you will be amazed how much you have learned, and will begin to build on your knowledge base to continue in the pursuit of your educational accomplishments. Along the way, you will be surprised to see how your career will begin to evolve as you achieve your educational goals.

By enrolling, you are ahead of the game! You are taking the initiative and time necessary to train in a career field of choice. Let me encourage you in your educational endeavor! The “road” may not be smooth, but do not give up! Be determined! Set benchmarks along the way, never failing to recognize your strides toward your career dreams. Let your motto be “Begin with the End in Mind” and mover forward until graduation day.

At TCAT Hohenwald, we have assembled a professional and devoted faculty and staff who are anxiously waiting to assist you in reaching your career goals. Our instructors, who are experts in their respective fields, are committed to providing you with a technical education of instruction from a well-designed industry-based curriculum utilizing state of the art equipment as defined by business and industry in our area. The educational rewards reaped from training will be largely determined by you. The effort you apply determines the education rewards you receive! Your technical education can offer you the assurance of a new, successful career and way of life.

It is my sincere that you capitalize on every opportunity Tennessee College of Applied Technology Hohenwald affords you and as a result, you will reap a full reward in a prosperous career from your investment in your education. We are happy to assist you in meeting your career goals!



Kelli Kea-Carroll, President
Tennessee Technology of Applied Technology Hohenwald